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Langruth News 2002

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Jan, 2002 

Portage Herald Leader:  Fishing on Lake Manitoba delayed   Gun owners aren't jumping at free registration

Feb, 2002  (top of page)

  Langruth Views: Page 1 (Bingo News, Church Happenings) Page 2 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson)  Page 3 (Langruth Elks)  Page 4 (Major The Rev. Murray Gordon Pippy) Page 5 (Revision of Ward Boundaries)  Page 6 (As the World Turns)  Page 7 (4H) Page 8 (Constable Dennis Strongquill, UCW Report) Page 9 (Delta History News) Page 10 (Delta History News).

Portage Herald Leader:  Friendship club promotes kindness at rural school   Lakeview gets its expenses in order, Tax Sale   Fewer trustees, wards will soon be in place for Pine Creek   I Love to Read Month kicks off in Langruth  

March, 2002   (top of page)

Langruth Views: Page 1 (Elks, Kinosota Trail Ambulance Service, Erika/Aaron Brown)   Page 2 (General info)   Page 3 (Dallas Jonasson)   Page 4 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson)   Page 5 (4H, MTYP Theatre, MacMillian Insurance Agency)   Page 6 (Elks 50th Birthday, Elk historical dates)   Page 7 (Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor, Fish Derby postponed, Never underestimate a first grader)   Page 8 (Calendar of events)
Portage Herald Leader:  Langruth students show talent at arts festival   Taxes rise 0.6%  Lakeview joins Hudson Bay association   Ridge Riders meet

April, 2002   (top of page)

Langruth Views: Page 1 (Elks, You Know You are From Langruth if...)  Page 2 (My Heart's Home by Melodie Leclerc)   Page 3 (As the World turns...  And therefore...) Page 4 (I Remember, do you?) Page 5 (Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor, United Church, Ridge Riders) Page 6 (Boat Safety Course, Bumper Stickers) Page 7 (My Heart's Home cont'd) Page 8 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson, part 3)

Portage Herald Leader:  Spaghetti Bridge   Man Looses Driving Priviledges  Raymond O'Connor bird houses  Lake Manitoba levels have to change(part1)  (part2)  What level is the right level

 Elks Lodge celebrates 50 years
  Elks Picture#1 (George Hanneson,_Jim Bohm)
  Elks Picture#2 (Jim Bohm,_Len Kolb)
  Elks Picture#3 (Grand Exalted Ruler Len Kolb with chartered members George Hanneson, Steini Johnnson, Jim Forsley, Oli Hanneson, Oscar Hanneson and Len Hanneson)

May, 2002   (top of page)   

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (Yard Sale, Seniors Report) Page 2 (Lynne Thorogood (nee McCartney), Grass Fires, Faithful Few) Page 3 (Armstrong Service Station) Page 4 (Westshore Fuel and Oil) Page 5 (Legion, Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor: Great Blue Heron) Page 6 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson) Page 7 (Notes from Afghanistan-Corporal T.J. Wilson (well worth reading)) Page 8 (Oli Bergthorson, Marsha Lasson-Rada Knife) Page 9 (Vicki Thomson, Kathy and Greg Grant, Vet Clinic, Day Care Director of the Year-Jane Wilson, Great Truths about life...) Page 10 (Calendar of Events: Yard Sale on 18th)

Portage Herald Leader:  Langruth Ridge Riders host achievemant night

A family reunion for the Tomas Ingimundarson and Gudrun Eyjolfsdottir
descendents will be held in the Langruth Hall on Sat. July 27 at 9:30 AM to
the afternoon of Sun. July 28.

Registration is by mail with the deadline set for May 31 because they must
have an idea how many will attend re the venue. Call Haraldine Webb at
204-242-2041, Philip Thordarson 445-2323, Doris Sigurdson (385-3165) for

Many activities are planned, especially for children of all ages. There is
a banquet on Saturday, and a concert, followed by a singalong. On Sunday,
there is a church service, followed by more activities, and more visiting.
The public is welcome to attend the concert and the church service.

The children of Tomas and Gudrun were:
Gudrun (Mrs. Bodvar Johnson);
Gudrun the Younger (Mrs. Halldor Bardal );
Gudfinna (Mrs. Jon Thordarson);
Katrin (Mrs. Ingimundar Olafson);
Ragnheidur ( Mrs. Asmundur Thorsteinson );
Jon, who was the first postmaster at Wild Oak (Big Point), 1898-1899, and
later Isafold PO, 1900-1903. Then he moved his family to the coast. He
married vafa Asmundsdottir. We are having difficulty finding his
descendents, so if anyone knows their whereabouts, please let us know.
Eyjolfur who moved to Washington State.
Bjarni, who married Anna Johansdottir. Some of their children were Helgi,
Eyvi, Johanna,etc.

June, 2002  (top of page)   

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (Are you a descendant of Tomas Ingimundarsson and Gudrun Eyjolfsdottr?) Page 2 (For your info: advertisisng rates, etc.) Page 3 (Terry Fox Run, Legion, Free Oil, Ridge Riders) Page 4 (Thuridur (Thura) McNaughton (nee Isfeld); Thura Boivin; Emil Kleemola) Page 5 (Langruth Ridge Rider's Achievements; United Church; Junior Rifle Update) Page 6 (Summer Employment; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - the Black-Capped Chickadee) Page 7 (Delta History News - The Murder Oak) Page 8 (The Great Delta Dog Derby - 1927) Page 9 (Langruth Elks; Langruth Ridge Riders 4-H Achievement, June 14th) Page 10 (Calendar of Events: Decoration Day on 9th; Presentation of Icelandic Sagas at school at 2pm)

Portage Herald Leader:  Delta Beach cottage owners thrilled to see sand  Gladstone teen singer on her way to success

July, 2002  (top of page)  

Langruth Views: Page 1 (The Icelandic Sagas, Rodeo Queen: Holly Gardiner) Page 2 (Senior News, Thank You: Vicky Thomson) Page 3 (Nature Notes form Raymond O'Connor: The Boblink, To the Editor: Allan Johnson) Page 4 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson) Page 5  (cont'd: Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson)

Portage Herald Leader:  Keaton Arksey at Portage Fair  EMS-Emergency Medical Station north of Langruth  Obituary-Harry Donald Bergson  Eager students ready to help over summer Vandersteen bucks to second at Austin rodeo  

Aug, 2002  (top of page)

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (Genuine Antique, Lois McCartney, My Days - Lois McCartney) Page 2 (For your info: advertisisng rates, etc.) Page 3 (Nature Notes form Raymond O'Connor: The Whip-poor-will, Langruth Ridge Riders Achievements) Page 4 (Langruth News from Aug 30, 1923, News by Hecla; and Horses for Sale) Page 5 (Langruth Fall Fair, Aug 17; Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson - sixth and final installment) Page 6 (Highlights in the History of Langruth by Lena Thorleifson, cont'd; North Star Oil ad from 1923) Page 7 (A Little Food for Thought by George Carlin) Page 8 (Monster Madness - Sunday, Sept 1st in Langruth, Admission $5, opens at 9am)

Portage Herald Leader: Aug 6: No flood relief from Marsh  Aug 13: Family worries - Dale and Jane Arksey  Langruth son returns safely from Afghan front  Old plan touted for flooding woes (Big Grass Marsh)  Twenty years of Rural Routes for Sharron Arksey  

Sept, 2002  (top of page)

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (Ernie and Lois Wilson, Eirikur Jonas Johnson, Trevor Johnson and Jennifer Scott) Page 2 (For your info: advertisisng rates, etc.) Page 3 (C-FAN, Legion, Langruth Seniors) Page 4 (1921 map of R.M., mystery photo) Page 5 (Mud Bogg, ads for Ridge Water Supply, Farncombe's Food Centre and Kevin Wilson Water Hauling) Page 6 (1922 article from Langruth Herald about fire in Amaranth) Page 7 (Nature Notes form Raymond O'Connor: The Artic Tern; Public NOtice for nominations for Reeve and Council) Page 8 (ad for Armstrong's Service Station)

Portage Herald Leader:   Ground broken for Kinosota EMS station  Pine Creek School Division faces funding cuts as enrolment declines  

Oct, 2002   (top of page)

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (New Roof for Rink, Range Patrol, Fall Supper) Page 2 (ad for Armstrong's Service Station) Page 3 (Tomasson Reunion) Page 4 (Fall Fair News, Mystery Photo Identified) Page 5 (Eric MacMillan Insurance, Legion, Elementary School) Page 6 (Home Party for Lakeview  Children's Centre: C-FAN, Delta History Fish Fry, Annual Craft Sale) Page 7 (School Events, Vandals Target WMCI, Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor: The Amazing Hummingbird) Page 8 (The Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporation proudly presents The Central Manitoba Youth Choir)

Portage Herald Leader:  Ridge Riders  Bingo Scam  Election Results  Obituary - Gudrun (Runa) Thorsteinson (nee Johnson  

Nov, 2002   (top of page)

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (Election Day Results, Legion) Page 2 (school safety) Page 3 (Thormodor (Thor) Onundor Helgason, Langruth Ridge Riders) Page 4 (Game and Fish Banquet, Book Fair, School Sports Report) Page 5 (C-FAN, UCW Begins Christmas Drive) Page 6 (Home Party Extravaganza, Big Cat: cougar) Page 7 (Highlights in Langruth's History) Page 8 (November calendar of events: Legion Banquet, Christmas Wreath Workshop, Grey Cup Party, Christmas Craft Sale)

Portage Herald Leader:  Delays push back opening of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Station

Dec, 2002   (top of page)

Langruth Views:   Page 1 (WMCI Band Concert and Bake Sale, Church Concert and Potluck Supper ) Page 2 (for your information) Page 3 (Junior Rifles) Page 4 (Langruth Ridge Riders, Seniors, Carole Yunkurt) Page 5 (Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor: The Amazing Hummingbird: Other Wonders) Page 6 (Remember....) Page 7 (Job Opportunties: Caretaker for Hall and Rink) Page 8 (December calendar of events: Christmas Parties and Concerts)

Portage Herald Leader:  Langruth Ridge Riders undertake recycling fundraiser,  Government says no to helping ice fisherman with lost nets  Manitoba Government will cover half the cost of lost nets  Marty Kelemen at Langruth Christmas Concert - Dec 19

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